Consolidated Billing Service

Time is money — so it doesn’t always make sense for your team to spend countless hours managing the variety of employee benefit bills each month. Instead, why not outsource this tedious process and take the burden off of your team so they can focus on the “human” part of Human Resources? At P&A, our consolidated billing team works with  you and your  insurance carriers to provide the following services: 

  • Enrolling new hires onto your insurance coverages
  • Generating initial COBRA notifications to new employees and their dependents
  • Consolidating the insurance carrier bills so that you receive one invoice
  • Reconcile carrier bills
  • Terminate coverage for departing employees 
  • Generating COBRA qualifying event notices and providing full COBRA administration for those former employees who choose to elect COBRA continuation coverage

You’ll be provided a dedicated account administrator who will provide you with customized enrollment materials and be available to answer any questions you may have.   You’ll also have access to an online portal where you can help manage changes.

To learn more about our consolidated billing service, request a proposal to discuss your needs.