Platform Options

As an independent provider, we have no intentions of swaying you toward one platform or another. Rather, we want to help identify which one suits you and your employees best.

P&A Retirement Platform

  • Our in-house platform features an open investment menu to allow you and your advisor access to literally thousands of mutual funds, Collective Investment Funds (CIFs), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and stable value funds. Unlike other so-called “open architecture” platforms, P&A does not place artificial restrictions on the mutual fund families or fund share classes that we make available to you. Subject only to the fund’s minimum requirements, P&A provides sponsors and their advisors access to the very best investments in each asset class. Add ETFs and CIFs to the mix, and the investment possibilities are almost endless. Learn more.

Outside Platforms

  • P&A offers you choice in selecting the retirement platform that is right for you. We have many years of experience working with the top retirement platforms and can assist in selecting the platform that best fits your needs. Learn more.